Case Management

The cornerstone of the Holistic Integration Team is the process of case management. We practice a collaborative approach to evaluating options and services for each individual client. Our experienced and dedicated case managers work in partnership with the client in order to identify and remove obstacles to recovery. Our case managers work diligently to plan and facilitate the most appropriate clinical set of services for each client creating a clear and safe path to recovery. HIT Los Angeles case managers are passionate and experienced with coordinating care while simultaneously advocating for clients and their family members.

Private In-Home Detox

The idea of detoxifying from addictive substances is daunting to anyone suffering from a substance abuse disorder. Not only is the idea terrifying to the individual suffering, but to the family members as well. Many people delay the journey of recovery, or never begin due to the fear of withdrawal and detoxification. Ensuring a medically supervised detoxification is the most important factor to beginning the process of recovery in a safe manner. We at HIT Los Angeles understand the fear and anxiety that is evoked when contemplating detoxification and have created a private, in home detoxification program which allows anyone who wishes to safely navigate the process from the comfort of his or her own home. HIT Los Angeles works in close partnership with physicians specializing in detoxification, and other medical professionals ensuring a safe and comfortable detoxification experience. We employ a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to private in home detoxification addressing not only the medical needs, but psychological and emotional needs as well.


An intervention is an organized gathering of loved ones (friends and/or family) with the purpose of facilitating an individual struggling with substance abuse or mental illness to voluntarily accept help in a formal way. HIT Los Angeles addiction specialists are experienced and expertly trained in the most effective methods of reaching the inner soul of one afflicted in order to appeal to their humanity and help the sufferer agree to accept aid. HIT addiction specialists create a clear plan for all participants in any intervention including action items and goals. When the individual struggling accepts help, should treatment occur outside the home transportation is provided by one of our specialists.

Recovery Monitoring

HIT Los Angeles’ recovery monitoring program was developed to help add levels of accountability into our clients’ lives. Given that all of our programs are individually tailored to fit the specific needs and pathology of each client, recovery monitoring services may include: drug testing by urinalysis, concierge medical, psychiatric and psychological services, crisis counseling, 24/7 telephonic access to addiction specialists, and many more. The additional layers of accountability and responsibility which helps clients regain trust with their families and themselves.

Mental Health

HIT Los Angeles employs our individualized, tailored approach to treatment for those suffering from mental health disorders. Diagnosing a mental health disorder and the creation of an appropriate and successful treatment plan is imperative on the road to recovery. The HIT Los Angeles team utilizes our vast network of highly trained, educated and professional clinicians in order to correctly and comprehensively creates a plan tailored to each individual’s diagnosis, symptoms, and experience.

At-Home Drug Testing

When it comes to substance abuse, preventative measures can mean the difference between addiction and a healthy, normal lifestyle. For teens, these measures can be especially effective, since they are particularly susceptible to rash decisions that lead to drug experimentation.

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