5 Things to Say When Your Date Asks Why You’re Sober

what-to-sayEarly recovery poses a lot of challenges. For many addicts, they’re lives were so consumed with getting drugs, using them, and trying to not get caught that simply living a normal life can feel impossible. Other people face triggers in their daily life and need to form a strong support network in order to stay sober. Some people even have parents or spouses that still use. But one challenge that is not often discussed is trying to go on dates with people who might not understand what sobriety really is. In today’s culture, grabbing a drink with someone is a fairly common first date. And most addicts probably used drugs or alcohol as a social lubricant. So we’ve come up with a list of things to tell that person sitting across the bar when they ask why you’re working on your second tonic water with lime.

  1. I’m on a workout cleanse—It seems that a new amazing workout routine or diet cleanse is being started every five minutes in this country. So why not jump on board one of those. Your date will probably think you’re just health conscious.
  2. They don’t serve alcohol here—Obviously this excuse necessitates taking your date to a place that is booze-free. Coffee, hiking, museums—there are hundreds of things to do on dates besides sitting in bars. Just get creative and you won’t even have to bring up alcohol.
  3. I’m on Antibiotics—This is one of those old excuses that all recovering alcoholics have used at some point. Nobody really knows if it’s true that you can’t have a single drink on antibiotics but most people just listen to their doctors.
  4. I don’t want to drink and drive—We all know drinking and driving is dangerous and it’s pretty hard to argue with that. If they try and get you to “just have one” you can come prepared with stats on the thousands of DUI accidents that happen every year. So use this excuse if you want to look like a responsible adult. Just don’t forget your car.
  5. The Truth—That’s right, we know it’s shocking. Now a full account of your addictive lifestyle might be a big bomb to drop on a first date but if this is someone you actually like then it’s probably good to know if they can handle it. It may be wise to ease them into by saying how long you’ve been sober. Being in recovery is definitely nothing to be ashamed of and it’s always best to start new relationships honestly.

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