10 Fun Things to Do in LA While Sober


There’s a lie being sold to us by every vodka commercial or club flyer full of glamorous women fawning over men with shots in their hands. It’s a simple lie and one that it is as old as alcohol itself: you have to be drunk to have fun. Most young people in early sobriety, especially after years of using drugs or alcohol as a way to socialize, don’t know that this is false. In fact, the fear of losing their youth or of not being able to have a good time without alcohol may even scare some people away from getting sober even when their lives depend on it. Well today that lie ends. The truth is that having fun doesn’t have to stop when you get sober. In fact, many young and sober people can testify that they’ve had more fun (and remembered more of it) once they got sober and realized what they truly enjoy doing. Here’s our list of 10 awesome things to do in LA once you get sober.

Live music—Believe it or not, when you’re not too busy puking in the bathroom or spending $100 on shots, live shows can be pretty great. Los Angeles is known as a hub for new bands and with venues all over the city, there’s literally no shortage of places to discover new musicians.

  1. Exploring Nature—Los Angeles has some of the best beaches and hiking paths in the country, from Venice Beach to hiking around Griffith Park. You’ll also find the walking a lot more enjoyable now that you don’t have to look out for cops.
  2. Group Sports—Whether it’s kickball, soccer, basketball, or any other sport, joining a team is a great way to get outside and socialize while staying clean. The best part is most people don’t actually care if you’re any good.
  3. Food—There are over 7,000 restaurants in LA alone. This also lets your join in on mankind’s oldest debate: what’s the best burger in LA?
  4. Comedy clubs—UCB, Groundlings, and Laugh Factory are all well established on the comedy scene but there are also dozens of smaller clubs just waiting to be discovered.
  5. Hollywood Forever Movies—If you’ve never watched a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery than you can’t really call yourself a resident of this city. We know it sounds weird but trust the generations of angelenos who love gathering on summer nights.
  6. Shoot a gun—Handling firearms while drunk is a terrible idea. Now that your’e sober, people might actually trust you enough to fire a weapon at a paper target.
  7. Bookstores—Hurry up and buy books before all the bookstores are gone. Downtown LA still has a few (The Last Bookstore is a must).
  8. Find a hobby—Years of alcohol abuse has probably made you a boring person (we say this with love) but now you have a chance to be a person who actually knows how to do something. Learn to cook, or build a tree house, or play a new game…just find something that’s you!
  9. Hit a meeting—The best part about 12-step groups is meeting people other sober people. Members call this fellowshipping and almost every meeting has an activity planned for after the final prayers are done.

The truth is it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, because everybody has fun differently. Being sober in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be a social death sentence. Plus, you get to make fun of all the drunk people paying $12 a shot.


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