An intervention is an organized gathering of loved ones (friends and/or family) with the purpose of facilitating an individual struggling with substance abuse…

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Private Detox

The idea of detoxifying from addictive substances is daunting to anyone suffering from a substance abuse disorder. Not only is the idea terrifying to the individual…

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Case Management

The cornerstone of the Holistic Integration Team is the process of case management. We practice a collaborative approach to evaluating options for each…
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At-Home Drug Testing

When it comes to substance abuse, preventative measures can mean the difference between addiction and a healthy, normal lifestyle. For teens, these measures can…
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HIT Los Angeles Is Unique And Unlike Any Other Outpatient Addiction Treatment Option…
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The cyclone of addiction and mental health disorders causes wreckage and devastation within any family dynamic. Traditional forms of treatment can often press the pause button on the damage, but the trauma can continue if there is not a comprehensive plan for sustaining recovery, rebuilding and emotional healing. Finding caring, compassionate and experienced clinical professionals is a proven method that many families use in order to learn about substance abuse and mental illness, and begin the journey of recovery and change.

Imagine a customized, individually tailored, exclusive substance abuse and mental health disorder treatment program with the highest level of clinical care similar to that which is found at the nation’s leading programs…

Imagine a substance abuse treatment center that excels above the status quo by providing: private recovery services, advanced and cutting edge therapeutic modalities, holistic based healing practices, life coaching guidance, life-skills education, targeted relapse prevention education, comprehensive aftercare plans and oversight, and an is constantly evolving by adding services and professionals to keep up with the increasing demand of recovery, transformation and change…

Real life is where recovery happens

HIT Los Angeles is a wrap-around treatment and transitional care program for adults suffering from substance abuse other mental health disorders. Our purpose is to create a safe environment that supports those individuals who choose recovery. We individualize our holistic approach and tailor the program to each client, supporting them in their own creation of a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Broadening the scope of substance abuse treatment

Therapy  ●  Case Management  ●  Neurofeedback  ●  Neuro-Nutrition  ●  Advanced Therapy Alternatives  ●  Health & Fitness  ●  Vocational Testing  ●  Private Monitoring  ●  Drug & Alcohol Testing  ●  Client & Family Integration  ●  Substance Abuse Counseling  ●  Private In-Home Detox

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