Private Recovery And Mental Health Care Management


– A TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS:  HIT Los Angeles provides many services, including: case management, therapy, initial and ongoing assessments; psychiatric services, employment and housing assistance, family support and education; substance abuse services, and many others. Our individually tailored services are critical to an individual’s ability to live a successful, well rounded, recovery based life in the community. Each and every HIT Los Angeles team member has extensive experience working in substance abuse and mental health treatment and brings insight, wisdom and compassion to clients and their families.

– SERVICES ARE PROVIDED OUT OF OFFICE:  The majority of HIT Los Angeles services are provided within community settings such as: a person’s own home, neighborhood, local restaurants, parks and nearby stores. HIT Los Angeles operates in the “real world” in order to facilitate successful, hands-on reintegration into a client’s living environment.

– HIGHLY INDIVIDUALIZED SERVICES: Treatment plans, developed with the client, are based on individual strengths, needs, hopes and desires. Plans are modified as needed throughout the treatment process through ongoing assessments and goal setting.

ASSERTIVE APPROACH:  HIT team members are proactive with clients, employing an assertive approach with support and accountability, encouraging clients to participate in, and continue treatment, live independently, and recover from substance abuse and other mental health disorders.

– EMPHASIS ON VOCATIONAL/EDUCATIONAL EXPECTATIONS:  The HIT Los Angeles team encourages all clients to participate in the community at large by obtaining employment and/or attending an academic institution. The HIT team provides many vocational and educational rehabilitation services to our clients during the treatment process.

– PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL SERVICES:  Hit Los Angeles staff members partner with clients and their family members create a collaborative treatment process. Clients are taught about substance abuse and mental health disorders and the skills needed to achieve sustainable long lasting recovery.

– FAMILY SUPPORT AND EDUCATION:  The HIT Los Angeles team believes in integrating the entire family in the treatment process. HIT staff works to include the client’s natural support systems through education and other HIT services. Working with the entire family system helps to improve relationships, reduce conflicts and increase client autonomy.

– COMMUNITY INTEGRATION:  HIT staff assists clients becoming less isolated and integrating into the community by encouraging participation in community activities and memberships to organizations of their choice.

EXPERIENCED STAFF: HIT Los Angeles case managers have extensive experience in recovery both personally and professionally. Our network of mental health professionals and clinicians specialize in the treatment of substance abuse and other mental health disorders. Educational and Vocational Specialists have expertise working with clients to improve grades, address learning disabilities, and develop passion and direction for a future career.


– Accelerated positive behavior change directly in the community

– Unparalleled one on one interaction with treatment team

– Level of clinical focus is equal to a residential treatment setting

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